Recession hitting horror market, toys

The economic chill is taking a swing at horror. I noticed this on Todd McFarlane’s company, McFarlane Toys, has started layoffs. Will this make an impact on the company’s horror toys? MacFarlane released the following statement:

I wish I could say that my company was somehow special or unique, and that the reality of the world had no bearing on our day to day activities. Sadly, I can’t say that.

FearNet speculates that MacFarlane’s plan to keep the sports lines going means trouble for more the company’s horror toys. Sure would be a shame. While I’m no toy collector, I have to admit I can see at least two McFarlane figures from my desk. This yummy guy is one of them.

Maybe it’s time to pick up some creepy collectibles in time for some kiddo’s holiday stocking? Right now, the company is pushing Guitar Hero action figures. I’d be more for the Twisted Christmas collection. Wouldn’t want to run into this snowman on a dark night.