Praise for The Undying:

  • “This postapocalyptic horror novel effectively delivers gross-out thrills. Debut author Reid keeps the action rushing ahead in hysterical panic with vivid scenes and convincing (albeit short-lived) characters. This one screams for a sequel.” Publishers Weekly
  • “After a devastating trigger touches off the fall of mankind, a desperate race for survival begins while the lush backdrop of Paris is brought to its knees. This is an enthralling tale of terror and survival. The writing is superb. The tension never stops. Keep the doors locked and the lights on—Ethan Reid is the new voice of horror you’ve been waiting for.” — Graham Brown, New York Times bestselling author of The Eden Prophecy 
  • “Even the most original apocalypse won’t satisfy unless you can root for the survivors. Ethan Reid’s The Undying delivers resounding, realistic terror, vampiric demons, and characters whose fates you’ll follow with your heart in your throat.” — Sophie Littlefield, national bestselling author of The Aftertime Series
  • The Undying conjures a nightmarish City of Lights that’s all about darkness, a tourists’ horror story that goes miles beyond delayed flights and bedbugs in the sheets. Pacy and visceral, Ethan Reid has written a thriller that brings a genuinely fresh take to a monstrous mythology.” — Andrew Pyper, #1 internationally bestselling author of The Demonologist
  • “The prose is snappy, the characters immediately likable and the pace burns through the text so quickly that my poor Kindle is still smoking. The characters jump off the pages and worm their way into your affections. A point of warning, no one is safe in this book so be prepared for a few shocks.” — International Thriller Writers