Of theme and Word of the Day

Happy Election Day.

While I set down the Xbox controller (Anyone else taking a shot at Dead Space?), I thought I’d take a second to write about the current MS’s progress.

I’ve gone back to the drawing board just slightly, and am working on the theme for the latest manuscript before I try to plow ahead. I have an idea that my past theme was a bit too watered down and needed some tweaking. Fyi, there is a great book on breaking down the subconscious and locating the theme. It’s actually written by my mentor, S.L. Stebel: Double Your Creative Power.

As far as the latest MS, the main concept of hive mind or solidarity helped me redefine the theme, which takes me to the Word of the Day: Zeitgeist.

From MW online:

One entry found.

Main Entry:
ˈtsīt-ˌgīst, ˈzīt-
often capitalized
German, from Zeit + Geist spirit
: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era

Here is the word’s Wiki.

On a side note, we’ve made good progress on the maps for the book. I’ll post a few versions as we work through them. Now go vote.