Get a signed copy of Strieber’s “The Hunger”

I’ve been stupid busy with the new manuscript, so I apologize for being absent from the blog for too long. Still, that’s a good thing — seeing how much progress I’ve made over the last two weeks. But enough about my work.

I received an e-mail from one of my many mailing groups, that I thought worth passing on. A chance to get a signed copy from Borderland Press of Whitley Strieber’s superb vampire novel, The Hunger. If you’ve never had a chance to read this story, you need to. Streiber’s early work is truly fabulous, both The Hunger and The Wolfen stand as two of my all time faves. In fact, The Wolfen is one of the creepiest novels around.

There are 250 copies available. They are being sold at $50 plus shipping ($45 if pre-ordered). They’ll ship in June. You can find out more by calling Borderlands Press at 1.800.528.3310 or e-mail Signed and numbered, the sale is limited to 250 copies.