The Living Dead…for kids.

I love this story (and kinda wish my own kiddo was a bit older to enjoy it). The Seattle Children’s Theatre is putting horror classic Night of the Living Dead on the stage for all the little zombies and ghoulish girls to enjoy. And just in time for Halloween. Night of the Living Dead has already had successful runs in Portland and Dallas. Based on a screening, director Linda Hartzell says the production is intended for kids 13 and older.

George A. Romero’s 1968 seminal move was adapted by Lori Allen Ohm (opening night is Oct. 3rd). From Pennsylvania, Ohm has translated horror to the stage before, even adapting Blatty’s The Exorcist. Drawing inspiration from horror spoofs like Shaun of the Dead and Young Frankenstein, Ohm injected a zombie dance routine, gummy worms for intestines, and even promises blood (this version is set in Seattle).

Head to the Seattle Times for more on the production, photos of the cast or the Seattle Children’s Theatre for Night of the Living Dead show times.