Borderlands Writers Boot Camp 2010

Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp is now accepting submissions for 2010. The 8th Writers Boot Camp will take 40 ‘grunts’ (20 in short fiction and 20 in novel). Past instructors have included: David Morrell, F. Paul Wilson, Gary Braunbeck, Doug Clegg and Richard Chizmar to name a few. From the Borderlands Press site:

In addition, you will receive a general understanding of the state of modern publishing—that is where and to whom to submit your material, the real deal on editors and agents, the characteristics of the genres, the perception of the difference between mainstream and literary fiction, and even a few words on marketing and publicity. Have your questions ready. You will learn all the basic elements of writing and the processes needed to finish your manuscript and have it ready for submission to the market place. But more importantly you will get the much needed FEEDBACK that is often the missing factor which contributes to the success (or failure) of many writers. Each instructor has a specific area they will be emphasizing. If you’ve never experienced a piece of fiction deconstructed (especially your own) and analyzed in a high-intensity workshop setting, be prepared to learn things about you, your writing, and your ability to tell a good story.

The Boot Camp with run from January 29—31, 2010 at the Marriott Burkshire Hotel in Towson, MD. You can get more information here.