Want scary? “American Psycho” eyes Broadway

I’ll let this one speak for itself.  “American Psycho,” the chilling serial killer/yuppie satire by Bret Easton Ellis (back in ’91 Simon and Schuster passed on the book, picked up by Vintage Books) is now heading for Broadway.  No director yet, but producers say they hope the musical will hit the stage by 2010.  No music rights yet either, but producers say they’d like to use songs from the Talking Heads, Genesis and Huey Lewis and the News.

If you didn’t know, back when Simon and Schuster passed on the novel in ’91, it created a fervor in the publishing business.  Ellis’s agent said the reason Simon & Schuster’s then parent company, Paramount, cancelled the book was the reaction of a “giant corporation responding to prepublication controversy and strong-arming its publishing division into abandoning its own tradition of fearless publishing.”  Simon & Schuster (now Viacom Inc.) said they canceled because the novel — which featured the murders of women, children and animals — was in bad taste.  You can read more about the hubbub here.

THR.com says Ellis is now represented by ICM and Media Talent Group.