Guillermo & Gaiman to team up?

Since I’m on a Guillermo del Toro run, here’s another for all you Marvel web slingers out there: Not only is Guillermo del Toro in the running to do The Hobbit, he’s also in line to create a Dr. Strange flick. Remember the Doc from Marvel comic books? Funky SOHO mansion, cool cape, Master of the Mystic Arts ala Steve Ditko? And the word on the street is del Toro wants Neil Gaiman to write the screenplay.

If you’ve read Gaiman’s The Sandman comic books or graphic novels, you’ll know why this would be a perfect fit. Groundbreaking stuff, back in DC’s early Vertigo days. And for all you purists out there — too bad, but del Toro says he won’t be using the cape. We’ll have to wait and see about Wong.