Closer and closer…

We’re getting closer to launching Michael and Corwin, my guru web designers, are busy putting the finishing touches on designs. The studs are doing a great job and I think everyone will be as impressed as I’ve been with their work. Great stuff ahead. In fact, I have a meeting with M&C this Friday, so check back for updates. You can check-in during the week and watch the site morph from W.I.P. to full-on web monster.

Also, I’ve nearly finished Michael Connelly’s THE POET (you can read the synopsis back at the jump). My father’s been bugging me to read this thriller for quite some time, and I have to say I’m impressed. It’s about a serial killer who targets homicide cops. Connelly, and/or his editor, has a unique style worth reading. When the prose gets rolling, you’ll find you can’t set the novel down.

What struck me as odd, was the connection between THE POET and a recent media story about the SMILEY FACE MURDERS. Talk about truth is stranger than fiction. If you get a chance, read Connelly’s synopsis and before the MSNBC article. Who knows if there is any validity to the story, but it still gave me the shivers.