Bits from Stephen King’s “The Stand” graphic novel

Unless you live under a rock or your commute is just hell as well as iPod-less, you’re heard about Stephen King’s *cough* The Stand, a thirty issue joint graphic novel venture between the King of Horror and Marvel Comics.  If you “cough* haven’t picked issue #1 up yet (Captain Tripps released on September 12th) and still need convincing, there are a couple of ways to check out the mag:

First, there is a trailer *cough, cough* available here (for some reason Marvel took the vid off their site).  Or take a peek at a free digital comic of The Stand, a sketchbook by artist Mike Perkins and cover artist Lee Bermejo.

If that only wets the whistle, head to King’s site and take a look at another Marvel bit, Dark Tower: Treachery.  More goodies following Roland and his ka-tet.  Kinda makes you want to head on down to the comic book store, eh?  Disease, redemption and *cough* plague nonwithstanding.  Just don’t head down any corpse filled tunnels on the way, dig?