Ethan Reid

Photo by Mitja Arzenšek


They have come from the stars…

In this riveting apocalyptic thriller, a mysterious event plunges Paris into darkness and a young American must lead her friends to safety—and escape the ravenous undying who now roam the crumbling city.

The first few chapters of The Undying are available in a free Simon451 2014 Preview e-Sampler at these retailers now.

If you like the preview, pre-order a copy of The Undying from Barnes and Noble,, iBooks and other retailers.  The novel will be out Oct. 7th.

Advance praise for Ethan Reid’s The Undying:

“The writing is superb. The tension never stops. Keep the doors locked and the lights on—Ethan Reid is the new voice of horror you’ve been waiting for.” — Graham Brown, New York Times bestselling author of The Eden Prophecy

The Undying conjures a nightmarish City of Lights that’s all about darkness, a tourists’ horror story that goes miles beyond delayed flights and bedbugs in the sheets.” — Andrew Pyper, #1 internationally bestselling author of The Demonologist

“This postapocalytpic horror novels effectively delivers gross-out thrills….Debut author Reid keeps the action rushing ahead in hysterical panic with vivid scenes and convincing (albeit short-lived) characters. This one screams for a sequel.” — Publishers Weekly

“Even the most original apocalypse won’t satisfy unless you can root for the survivors. Ethan Reid’s The Undying delivers resounding, realistic terror, vampiric demons, and characters whose fates you’ll follow with your heart in your throat.” — Sophie Littlefield, nationally bestselling author of the Aftertime Series


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